Published Oct 3. 2018 - 2 years ago
Updated or edited Oct 3. 2018

Windy days and dry flies

We all love the advantage of long tippets when it comes to dry fly fishing, as it gives you beautiful gentle presentations and long drag free drifts.

But when the wind is coming downstream, that same leader and long tippet setup is a nightmare.

The wind will blow your dry fly downstream and it might land below your fly line.
Just shorten your tippet!
Sometimes it might only require 30 centimeters or a foot, other times 50 or a couple of feet, and it could even be that you have to cut it down more.

You will end up with a shorter leader and tippet and you will have to alter your style a little or your approach to each run with more mends, but you will at least get your fly to land where you want it to land, in the right run, riffle or pocket. This will give you a chance to present your fly to the fish, instead of your dry fly being blown all over the place.