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The adventure begins

First brown trout fight

First fish of the day

Sometimes you had to go on your knees

Fish fighting in the fog

These trout were very strong

Once again superb and wild brown trout

Each potential spot had to be checked

Patience while fighting was required

Another trout couldn't refuse the nymph

Every trout had a special pattern

Getting closer to grasshopper valley

The first trout on the indicator dry fly

She is going to be documented soon

My last trout on the nymph

Small but nice

The grasshopper valley

The reason for so many trout

The grasshopper eldorado just started

The second trout confirmed the grasshopper attraction

Another wild beauty, hungry for grasshoppers

A good fighter shortly before landing

Additional terrestrial proteins are obvious

My fly pattern of the year and its victim

This bright mouth decoration will soon be removed

Trout used submerged trees as hiding and escape spots

This brown trout didn't make to the tree roots

The grasshopper habitat in the background

The brown trout just loved my hopper fly

Fighting trout in grasshopper valley

Soon she will be released

The impacts of the storm made a trout paradise out of this river stretch

One of so many grasshopper valley inhabitans

They all fought till the end

Just one more quick photo for the research

I haven't had so much fun with dry fly for quite some time

Trout's teeth left some imprints on my fly

The grasshopper valley was very generous to me

Brown trout were almost everywhere

Nicely colored wild brown trout

The upper end of hopper valley

My hopper fly also worked outside the valley

This repeated 127 times on that day

Fighting beauty

Another valley this time even narrower

Narrow river and nice brown trout

The very last fish of the day. I am very tired but happy