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18 Mar 21. 2007 The Real Rag Worm Every year in March and April the rag worms emerge from the bottom to secure the next generation. They swim freely in... Article
18 Mar 4. 2007 Warm water outflows Yesterday I went to the warm water outflow on the Potomac River in Dickerson, Maryland. I assume that I was there on a... Forum topic
18 Nov 30. 2005 Bow River Bugger Al Grombacher has shared with us one of the most effective patterns for the Bow River in Alberta, Canada, famed for its... Article
18 Feb 5. 2006 Four stream rods This is not a review as such, but then again. GFF partner Martin Joergensen got the chance to play with four great and... Article
18 Oct 23. 2019 Comparadone! Comparaduns are one of the most versatile mayfly patterns in existence representing a low-riding mayfly to near... Article
18 Nov 28. 2016 Hook selection Hook comparison charts are at best fickle or at worst too confusing and inaccurate to use. It is critical to remember... Article
18 Jul 26. 2005 Fishing Denmark An introduction to fishing on the Danish coast. Article
17 Feb 20. 2009 South Patagonia 2 Follow Rolandas and his friends on this second part of their trip to Patagonia. This time concentrated on steelhead and... Article
17 Apr 1. 2007 Kola on a Budget Fishing on the Kola Peninsula is usually connected with everything but low price fishing. However, it is still possible... Article
17 Jul 15. 2010 Keel Hook Sand Lance A relatively simple semi-weedless tye that rides the mid column with an intermediate line and a slow retrieve...tyed on... Forum topic