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22 Mar 29. 2017 Jacket Blues GFF partner Martin Joergensen has owned quite a few wading jackets, and none of them have fit his bill for the perfect... Article
22 Jul 17. 2016 DIY Rod Tubes You have one extra rod with no sock and rod tube. You've been putting off buying a tube...why don't you just make your... Article
21 Jan 21. 2014 GFF might have ads! We're breaking the oath that we have sworn so many times. GFF needs money and might soon start having ads. Article
21 Apr 8. 2012 Ideal(optimal) tackle on Seatrout Hello for All! Forum topic
21 Jul 8. 2010 Kern's Perfect Leo Shrimp A realistic, perfect swimming shrimp imitation for both hot and cold water and a big variety of species. The fly has... Article
21 Apr 8. 2006 Little Devil An article on the Welsh classic The Diawl Bach and on the intriguing and intimidating concept of fishing a team of... Article
21 May 11. 2016 Baby Buggers Wooly buggers are one of the all time most effective fish catching flies. However, if you think you need heavy tackle... Article
20 May 15. 2009 GFF Summit 2009 will happen! Folks, We are once again ready to start embarking on the journey, which ends up somewhere in Denmark with the fly... Forum topic
20 Sep 22. 2008 Sharks! When two friends go down the road, for a late afternoon fly fishing session on the reefs, and take their #14 and #15... Article
20 Nov 16. 2007 The Ugliest Flies Martin has just received the ugliest flies he has ever seen in his life. And no, don't worry they weren't from a... Article