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16 Jun 13. 2006 South Swedish Sea Trout Every year fishermen from all over the world visit the swedish shores and rivers, hoping their exertions will be... Article
16 Nov 20. 2018 Don't freeze GFF partner and avid winter fisher Martin Joergensen tries to convince you why breathable waders are good for winter... Article
16 Nov 28. 2005 Epoxy Miracle A wish for a generic bait imitation was what made Kasper Mühlbach develop a fly, which he originally dubbed the Epoxy... Article
16 Aug 1. 2006 The Universal Nymph It's a beadhead, no, a hare's ear, no... How about a flashback pheasant-tail... could be sort-of-a prince nymph, maybe... Article
16 Sep 1. 2005 Jungle Cock Repair Prime Jungle Cock necks are rare to come by. Learn how 'upgrade' fishing quality JC necks in this article. Article
16 Oct 18. 2006 Martin Joergensen, GFF editor One of the founders of GFF Article
16 Nov 24. 2016 Picric acid Dyeing with picric acid yields colors between a gorgeous olive and an electric yellow. Article
15 Feb 14. 2014 Henning's Setup This shooting head setup for coastal fishing is both inexpensive, easy to make yourself and very easy to cast. Article
15 Nov 10. 2019 The African fly connection Here at the Global FlyFisher we get offers to buy flies all the time. 95% come from Nairobi in Kenya. Blog entry
15 Jul 26. 2016 Sea Trout Gear This article will try to point you in the right direction when choosing equipment for coastal fishing for sea trout in... Article