Published Sep 23. 2007 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

I was there!


Let me be the first one to drop a line and thank you all for gathering at this very special event. Once again - well organized meeting (Martin, Ripley), excellent bunch of people all hungry for flyfishing.
Even though the number of caught fish did not exceed last year´s level, I believe you all had good time flyfishing, and entertaining yourselves while listening to "our Lithuanian brother" :D (by the way, shall we hire him next year?)

Hope the GFF Summit article is on its way already :lol:

Well, it is over for this year, may you all have lucky rest of this season, post photos, write articles and let us hear from you.

Branislav (vanuz)

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Me too......

I also would like to express my gratitude to Martin for organising another successful GFF summit.

It was an honour to meet old friends once again, and meet some new friends, all with a kind likeness and passion for fly fishing.
While the next GFF summit seems to far to fathom, the memories of this weekend will linger...

A sincere thank you to Branislav AKA Vanuz for organising the T-shirts. I got to know you a bit better this year.

We seemed to have engraved the GFF summit into our lives and as each year gets better, whispers and plans for the GFF '08 summit have been spoken.

A superb weekend complimented by fine weather, company, food, scenery and fish. It wasn't about the numbers and sizes caught but the stories (however far-fetched), associated with the catch. That's what we'll remember.

Lets keep this forum alive and talk more often.

Thanks to all. We all made it what it is.

Speaking live from Wedellsborg

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Hello fellow fishing buddies...

Hello fellow fishing buddies old and new,

Thank you Martin, Ripley, Branislav (Vanuz) for all your work to make GFF Suumit 07 another great fishing weekend.

It was great to meet all of you again from Gff Summit 06 and meet new guys this year. The company and the fishing stories were great to hear over the weekend. Rolandas and Mindaugas from Lithuania were a great comedy setup (Please come next year guys). I enjoyed all the comedy banter.

I must also say a big thank you to Kai and Paul for the famous "Kai hammerhead fly" it caught me 6 very nice fish on the friday (I will post some pics when i get myself organised) Some may say the fly is "ugly to the eye" but the fish loved it so thats all that counts.

Keep in touch all of you. just email me.


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Hi All!...

Hi All!

Just wanted to say thanks for a great weekend, it was nice to meet you all and I hope our paths will cross again in the future.

Tight lines

Bloody Hell! ...

Bloody Hell!
That was a serious hunting! Thanks to All !



P.C. And dont be shy - just give me know then you are in Klaipeda.

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who´s this man?...

cannot remember this guy´s name, help...

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His name is Rolandas (Roolis)...

His name is Rolandas (Roolis) :wink:

and then......

Thank you to all you Summit 2007 Goers, especially to Martin for bearing the burden of work and the heat of the day when he could have been off quietly fishing somewhere.

Thanks to all you characters who made it such fun - we have just got home today, and we're still chuckling about the happenings, the stories and the people we met.

I add a picture of a photographer who no one will recognise. Perhaps he thought he was going to fall backwards into the soup, and that's why he wore his waders to the party...

Nan says I have not laughed so much for years, the whole summit has done me good.

Till next time, then, thanks and tight lines.

Les and Nan[/img][img][/img]

This picture was the one I...

This picture was the one I thought I'd attached to the above reply... Here he is again!!


Thanks for a great couple of...

Thanks for a great couple of days! It was great to see the exotic country in the south. Now me and Jan has learned that "Fjernbus" is a train, that you have to be 21 to rent a car in Denmark and that the catch part of fishing is definitly not the most important thing.

Extra Kudos to Martin (organising and car-renting), Richard and Brian (great company and drivers), The German guy from Flensburg that drove us up nort sunday morning and to Jesper for driving us to the train in Nyborg sunday afternoon. Thanks to everyone in room 2 for not killing me for snoring.

And as so many else has said: Thanks Rolandos for all the laughs (SPACEGAY will never stop!)

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Thank you!...

Summit attendants,

Thanks a bunch for supporting the venue and making this a great event! I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend, and my impression was that this was the case all the way roud. I have already recieved a lot of mails and the comments here also indicate general satisfaction. The weather was perfect as usual - inbetween two periods of heavy rain and hard wind!

I will post a report as soon as I get the time with a ton of pictures. ANd just keep them coming.


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I was not there, but really...

I was not there, but really happy that the weather was ok, looking forward to see some more pictures.

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Im looking forward to seeing...

Im looking forward to seeing all the pictures from the summit.


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Ripley "performing"

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it´s over for today...

3 nations walking....

vanuz's picture

forming the loop...

ripley from bird´s eye view...

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Hello you all!...

Hello you all!
I tell you a story.....
Richard and I went for some stream fishing for trout and grayling after the summit. Boy did we stink...erm euh the weather and conditions were very difficult even for the hardiest of fisherman. :)
We retired a day earlier and licked our wounds, but fortunately i am heading back with three dutch bumms for a rematch and this time beware....

Oh and space boys from sweden, I am curious about the photo's. Do you have them on line or so.



One week ago, Hans Jacob...

One week ago, Hans Jacob looked at his watch (11:20) and said, "You should be in Church!" [u:dc8c27f7e7]This [/u:dc8c27f7e7]morning I was, but my heart was still in Denmark. Do I have to wait for a whole year before I can be with such a group of fishers again? Oh Boy!

Thanks again, Guys and Gals, it was a great time.

Regards & TL,


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....a tippet, leader, flyline, running which one does the fly go to? :D

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Do I have to wait for a whole...

[quote:248f3a0ea7="Les"]Do I have to wait for a whole year before I can be with such a group of fishers again? Oh Boy!

You are more than welcome to come to Denmark to fish before next years summit. I'm sure a few of the guys you know, including myself would definately meet up for a days fishing and chatting.

Just contact me we could arrange something.



You have brightened up my day! Of course with air travel so cheap its not too difficult to get to Denmark for a short break... I'll give it some thought :)

Vanuz, - Touche!
You have perfectly captured an old man's confusion - but I still need the answer to the question because no-one told me on the Summit. They all assumed I knew...

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a bat-fly...

Les, you´d better ask Mr. Henning, he seems to have at least a clue :) See photo below

That'll be one of the sea...

That'll be one of the sea-trout wine-gums, then?
:lol: :lol:

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Hi friends

Tanks for a very nice summit.

See you nxt year.

:wink: Henning

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I will most definatly see you next year at Summit '08. Thank you for the link to a few pictures from the summit '07. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures from the summit that everyone else has submitted to Martin.

Steve. :shock:

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I am looking forward to...

[quote:fcce56b264="Stephen Wade"]I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures from the summit that everyone else has submitted to Martin.

So am I! ;-)

I have a lot in already and some on the way, but if you have images from the GFF Summit 2007, lemme hav'em ASAP and yours may be included in the gallery I will build for the event.

As I wrote to all of you: originals and as many as possible. I will edit and sort.



I am looking forward to...

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures from the summit that everyone else has submitted to Martin.

Hi Steve,

I shot some nice picture of you, Paul and your nice seatrouts.

Martin will have them all, but if you are keen to have them too, send me an E-Mail.

Kind regards to all the GFF-summiter and thank you for the great time.


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Ripley, my model of that day...

ripley again, what else should I add?

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Kai - the fishing machine ruled the GFF again.

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Re: kai...

Hey Vanuz,

nice picture, but I've got some of you, too.

Were you out fishing since our summit?



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my turn now...

I was out fishing last weekend. I counted 12 fishermen stretched along the coast of Hornbeak, North Sealand. I had to fight to get a place to fish. Nice weather, too nice I would say. I got away with a small seatrout, while the others were just splashing the water. :D

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Re: my turn now...

[quote:38eb6e1b6c="vanuz"]I was out fishing last weekend. I counted 12 fishermen stretched along the coast of Hornbeak, North Sealand. I had to fight to get a place to fish.[/quote:38eb6e1b6c]

Terrible thing about easily accessible places and lazy anglers... I was on the north coast too, and people were shoulder to shoulder. I have a very hard time fishing places like that - when I'm not on a GFF Summit that is! ;-)



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Re: my turn now...

Sometimes it's o.K. with me to fish in a group of other fisherman, but I definetely prefer to fish in a small group or - from time to time - fishing alone.

To be acompaniet by 12 guys fishing the same spot is to much.

In this case I try to avoid the crowd by getting up very early in the morning - enjoying the silence, the sunrise, the nature and sometimes a good fish.

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Sunshine, calm water, crowded....time for a walk, or perhaps for a swim - I could not resist and took one (yep, a swim, in my waders) :D

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kai with a "smallie"...

not a monster fish, but nice cap presentation :D

Kai Nolting's picture

Re: kai with a "smallie"...

[quote:4ee8de265c="vanuz"]not a monster fish, but nice cap presentation :D[/quote:4ee8de265c]

Hey Vanuz,

nice picture!

Can you send me some of these to my personal web-site (
in a high pixel-size?



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