Published Oct 30. 2007 - 14 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Hooks types and sizes - Magnus's, Frede's and shrimps.

I'm currently in the process of trying many different hook types but I'm either not satified with the way they withstand the salt or how long they stay sharp.

So what saltwater resistant hooks are you danish guys using?

Hei Wiggy :wink: ...

Hei Wiggy :wink:

Look here is something about the hooks:

I am using in Stavanger coasts always "Daiichi" Hooks. They are really sharp and strong.
(I`m tying only wet flies on it)

After (DistantStreams) Ripley`s posting about pattern sizes :idea: I bought hooks in size [b:21073b9814]12[/b:21073b9814]
I startet to tie wet flies on it and I have caught last week my first seatrout (67 cm) with hook size [b:21073b9814]12[/b:21073b9814] He was right! [color=blue:21073b9814]
[Thanx Ripley] [/color:21073b9814]

[size=9:21073b9814]PS: If the hooks are saltwater resist or not I wash them after fishing.[/size:21073b9814]

Greetz from Stavanger to Mandal :D

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I told you so......

Hi Feridun,

There is no need to thank me. You caught the fish and deserve the credit.
It's nice to hear that you used a size 12. Most would shudder at such a small fly and the rest would not believe that a 12 would stand up to sea trout.

If you just consider the size of natural shrimps and scuds that sea trout feed on then a anything from a size 10 through to a 16 would be more fitting. By using a smaller hook, you won't loose more fish.

67cm is a very nice sea trout. I can imagine the moment. Did sweat run down your back and your mouth dry up?

The smallest hook I have ever used at the coast was a 16. It was a scud pattern, in fact a Czech nymph pattern designed for streams but I presented it to a sea trout feeding in cm's of water. I downed the tippet to a .16mm and took the trout. A 51cm coloured fish last year. I didn't even get my waders or boots wet that day.

Anyway...I am really pleased for you.

Perhaps now, some of the critics will be convinced that a hook size 2 and 4 is over kill - at least for sea trout.

It's not the size that counts but what you can do with it :D


Salwater hooks...

Hi, I have ordered this one:

The shape of the hook seems to me quite good and a lot of Danish flyfishers use it.

Owner also makes som very...

Owner also makes som very nice hooks. They are not the cheapest, but definately some of the best I have tryed.



Owner are definately the dogs...

Owner are definately the dogs 'potatoes', I use triples for tube flies and larger singles for lefty's/Rune's decievers. Though I haven't seen a Owner hook that works for either shrimps or magnus/frede.

I've bad experience with many different bronzed hooks in the salt, so I'm now only going to use hooks that are perfect to the salt.

As regards sizes, I use everything from size 2 to size 16. The 2's for larger herring flies down to 16's for smaller beach grouse/scuds. It all depends on what the sea trout are feeding on.

Congrats on your first SØ of many I hope. My catches have been bad recently, but am expecting they pick up soon :roll:

Thanks for all the advice!

I've now done a large...

I've now done a large purchase of owner hooks from dk. Can't wait to start filling up my fly box with flies that'll last longer than just a few trips and'll stay sharp longer too.

I've had really bad experiences with Mustad hooks being blunt very quickly. Is this just me?

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Re: Hooks types and sizes - Magnus\'s, Frede\'s and shrimps....

[quote:17a90fdfd2="Wiggy"]So what saltwater resistant hooks are you danish guys using?[/quote:17a90fdfd2]

I personally love the Kamasan B170 and B175 hooks for almost all my flies. Their B800 and B820 are nice long shank streamer hooks, and other Kamasan hooks can be found in my boxes too. But... they rust! Even though they are very durable, they will eventually rust in my experience. I never rinse my flies after fishing, so I expect that to happen. I used to, but honestly: they are worn down anyway by my low backcasts, rocks, weed and sometimes even fish. I use them and trash them when they're too lousy. I'd rather tie new and fresh ones than spend time trying to preserve the old ones.

The only hooks that don't rust in my boxes are genuinly stainless steel hooks. I have several Partridge models that I like as well as a couple from Tiemco, and flies tied on these hooks will last longer, but still wear down, stain and eventually dissolve. I also think that stainless hooks tend to either be brittle and break or be soft and bend.

That might be the reason that I often prefer heavy wire hooks.

To conclude: I shop around and use what I like and can get my hands on.



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