Published Sep 29. 2008 - 13 years ago
Updated or edited Aug 8. 2015

Fyn trip 20-27 september...

Hi guys,

Last week me and 3 friends visited the beautifull island Fyn to fish for seatrout. We had sunny weather all week, except for monday (rain) and friday when it was fogged over most of the day. We fished the north of Fyn mostly; Enebaerodde, Egebjerggard, Lango and Sabbes Borre. We fished Knudshoved and Gals Kint also. The fishing was hard going; 2 of my friends caught a seatrout each on sunday. I caught 3 on wednesday and my friend caught 1. On friday one of the guys caught 1 and another caught. We mainly fished smallish gray/brown flies. The most succesfull was a Juletræet Zonker variant. My friend who caught 6 fished a yellow Tasmanian Devil that day.

Did we fished the right places? How long do you stay on 1 spot? What are the best times of day to fish in this period? What are the right flies? Do we have to try later in the year next time?

I;m planning a trip by my self in march 2009 and the 4 of us will be back in the autum!

Tight lines,

Folkert Zwiers

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Who can say?...

[quote:78b34f8613]1 Did we fished the right places? 2. How long do you stay on 1 spot? 3. What are the best times of day to fish in this period? 4. What are the right flies? 5. Do we have to try later in the year next time?

Well, no-one can answer the above with any degree of accuracy. You'll just be running in circles and confusing a very simple question.
What was wrong with the amount of trout you caught or method you used or time you were here. You caught fish didn't you?
I fail to see the problem.

Here are my answers, and I apologise for the abrubt answers. You asked many questions but also gave the answers to your questions in your posting.

1. Are there any wrong places?

2. Depends on how long you want to stay?

3. All day.

4. The one in the water and moving.

5. Why?


Hi Rip,...

Hi Rip,

Thanx for your reply.
I know that very little certaities are part of fishing... :wink: But I'm always trying to analyse my fishing...
It's just that I'm only fishing for seatrout 2 weeks a year and maybe missed something obvious that more experienced guys see immediately... Like fish there or don't fish there with the mainly north-easterly winds of last week...
We had a wonderfull trip and I'm certainly not dissapointed or something. And I know that we didn't do bad at all! I just love flyfishing for seatrout in the salt and always want to improve!




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