Published Jun 19. 2006 - 15 years ago
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Fly fishing waters in south France – Provence.

Fly fishing waters in south France – Provence.

Hi GFF forum.

I’m of to France soon on summer holyday. Since I have been taking up fly-fishing again after 20 plus years I would like to try some on the holyday. So I was wondering if anybody has some suggesting regarding fishing spots and gear.

I’m staying in the triangle between “Aix-En-Provence”, “Drauguignan” and “Toulon”.


Hello Guttormsen...

Hello Guttormsen

I was in the south of France with my family two years ago and I spent a few days on the Verdon River and also on La Sourge in the Vauclause area.

The Verdon is an impressive river which runs through the largest Canyon in Europe. It is good for fly fishing although you must be very careful of the water levels which tend to rise suddenly due to water release from the Hydroelectric dam upstream. It is one of the most beautiful places in France and I saw some really large trout. The Verdon river runs into a beautiful dam which is full of Pike although I think you need a boat. I think you can purchase licences locally at fishing shops.

La Sourge is a beautiful chalk stream which originates at the Fontain de Vauclause. You should be quite close! The river is inhabited by beautiful brownies, tiger trout and grayling. It is excellent for sight fishing with a nymph and when the sun goes down the river boils with rising fish. During the day it is difficult to fish because of all the canoes and rafts but as soon as I said when the sun goes down the fun starts!

You can purchase a licence at the local fishing shop at Isle la Sourge. An excellent little shop. The owner is very friendly and he can help with flies and also fishing advice.

Hope this helps!

Tight lines!

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Tiger trout?...

Tiger trout?

The French Tiger trout or ...

The French Tiger trout or "Truite Tigré "is a hybrid between a female brown trout and a male brook trout. Looks much like a marble trout but I don't know much about this phenomenon.


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Thanx for the link and info...

Thanx for the link and info Moreno.

It's a pleasure! :D ...

It's a pleasure! :D

Tight lines!



I have also tried fishing the La Sorgue - it's a beauty - probably one of the best chalkstreams in Europe.

Unfortunately I had just started flyfishing, when we visited that part of France some years ago, also it was in the end of August, beginning of September, why it was too hot and it hadn't been raining for months, so the fishing was very difficult even for the pro's.

The water was clear as Gin and it was no problem spotting the trouts, I saw some big ones, and the Graylings also big ones.

I had a great experience one evening, it felt like something touched my leg, I quickly looked down and saw a big Grayling swimming through my legs....

I have also visited Verdon, but not fished it, it looked very very beautifull and I would very much like to go back there with a flyrod.

Maybe next year where we plan to go back to Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, this time it will be earlier and the fishing will be much better planned.



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Hello GFF....

Hello GFF.

Thanks everybody for the advice. Shortly before the summer vacation I had a injury in my lower back. Ouch.... I did take my fly-fishing equipment with me though. My back got a hole lot better during the holyday, but I had no opportunity to go fly-fishing. So naturally i have no feedback on the advice – sorry. Maybe next year...

Again thanks for the advices.

Regards Peter

PS. We did visit the Grand Canyon du Verdon. I have been there some 15 years ago (At time not aware on the possibility off firshing). Great views, stoning nature. This time we took the road north of the Canyon. The small road (D23) making a circular drive from the city “du Palud s-Verdon” over the small mountain top was impressive, but unfortunately closed 8 km. down the road, so we had to return without reaching the top.

PPS: The La Sourge looks like the perfect fishing spot... near to the very beautiful Avignon in witch you could drop off the family, and the surrounding area is very beautiful.


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