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  • Reply to: A decade with GFF   16 years 1 day ago

    I only wish that this information technology was available when I started fly fishing 50 years ago. Books, fly fishing, fly tying gear & materials were just not available in Australia back then. Was introduced to GFF by a search for "furled Leaders" & come back every week for a look.

    Congratulations & keep up the good work.

    Regards from Dave Cook

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    I'm from the UK and mainly tie flies but do a little fishing when I get the time. Raskes streamer page started my interest in Carrie Stevens patterns, and advice from him helped me along. There is a massive amount of information regarding patterns etc on here. Only wish I had more time to explore. So many thanks to all for the information and the work you all put into the site. Congratulations on your 10th and may it continue for many moons to come.
    Tight lines to all and happy tying
    John Williams

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    A most beautiful still life. Very well done!


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    Terrific information on leaders. Thanks

  • Reply to: Brush eyes   16 years 1 week ago

    Your brush eye's are a good idea, I'll make some up to use on my crawdad pattern. Thanks for the tip. Walt

  • Reply to: A decade with GFF   16 years 1 week ago

    Congratulations on 10 years.

    I am a fly fisher from central Pennsylvania USA. I have used numerous fly patterns you have posted including the copper john for trout and the zuddler for Erie steelhead. I also have used your yarn strike indicator, what a great pattern!. But most of all I have used your leadercalc. I found your site when I was first learning to tie my own leaders. Your article on leaders and the excel program were absolutley tremendous help. I loved the article on Susquehanna small smouth fishing. the Juniata river is only about an hour's drive for me so I do alot of fishing down there. The Juniata eventually joins the Susquehanna so the fishing is virtually idententical.

    So a big thank you from someone who has benefited greatly from your site and appreciates your efforts.

    Tight Lines

    Rich Barber

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    Thanks for the space and I am much happy to be writing to you. I am impressed by the story you talk of Peter Loevendahl. I would like to more of him and fly fishing. I am a fly tyer and would like him to try my flies also. Please if you would like to know more of me peter, just e-mail me and we shall discuss more. Do have a good day and do take care. Jackson

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    uff..wonderfull photo!!!!!

  • Reply to: The cast   16 years 2 weeks ago

    super photo...gratulation, very nice, really...hallo from Bardejov Fly Fishing Team (Slovakia) not Slovenia, but Slovakia..:-)

  • Reply to: Pete's EZ Hopper   16 years 2 weeks ago

    Hello... Thanks for the directions and the recipe. I am new to flytieing. This is the first directions and recipe I have copied. I have a widowed aunt that has a hearing problem and she and I will be learning together. These written directions will be so helpful. Thanks again, from Charlie and aunt Betty.

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    Thanks for taking the time to prepare this web site. A very enjoyable read. Do you know of anybody building planing forms in the uk?
    many thanks
    Richard Parkes

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    If you cant get your hands on a small panfish popper, you can buy thick foam from an arts and crafts store and simply bong them together with superglue to make your own array of colorful custom poppers